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Flinkbein Ladna Jadeit "Jade"

Owner: Pauli Luukkonen- Finland




Apoquel for PONS


Global warming has increased the amount of pollen in the atmosphere which has resulted in serious allergy cases among canines. My Canine Allergies Solutions group at Yahoo groups has around nine hundred dog members seeking relief for their dogs who have experienced life threatening allergic reactions through the years. Fortunately a new medication has come onto the market which is almost like a miracle because it is fast acting and has only few adverse effects. Some owners were initially nervous about using a new medication, but Apoquel has brought a new quality of life to dogs who were barely hanging onto life.

Apoquel is a prescription medication used for controlling itching associated with allergic skin disease. Basically there are four common allergic skin diseases which include flea allergy, food allergy, contact allergy and atopic dermatitisia  chronic itchy skin disease connected with environmental allergens such as ragweed and other pollen. This medication decreases inflammation of the skin and lessons dog itch. Apoquel is NOT a steroid or antihistamine. It is a new class of medication. It starts to relieve itch within four hours and has fewer adverse effects than steroids and other meds. Apoquel is FDA approved. Dog owners on Canine Allergies Solutions group have posted positive reports about the effectiveness of this new medication. PON owners who wish to read these reports are invited to join this Yahoo groups and interact with other dog owners.

PON owners are encouraged to switch their PONS to a grain free diet, home feed or offer raw.  Further, they need to avoid harsh chemicals at home and avoid going on walks during peak pollen times which vary from location to location. If these suggestions do not seem to help, a visit to a Derm vet may be necessary. Supplies of Apoquel are limited and owners may need to wait until this medication becomes available locally. Good luck and please keep the international PON community updated.