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Gabriela Obara & Izabela Paluch





April, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



What is a normal PON temperament??

There is a range of temperament, even in the same litter. Some are independent, very active and outgoing, while others are more laid back.


How can I avoid excessive levels of nutrients and make sure that my PON is on a good diet?



Although there are differences of opinion among owners, all will agree that it is best to avoid  puppy food and limit high levels of protein. A home-cooked diet offers a lot of flexability.



I would like to show my PON but am unsure if she is "show quality". How can I find out before spending a lot of time and money ?



Consult with your breeder if possible and parallel to this, attend shows and speak with other PON owners.



My male PON hates baths with a passion.

 What would you suggest I do?

Avoid bathing in very cold or hot water and make bath sessions fun time. Offer your PON a ball to distract him as you soap him up.





PON Facts

Prevent your PON's ears becoming inflamed and infected by removing hair and dirt as part of your weekly grooming sessions. A dark discharge may require professional veterinary care.