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Natural Remedies for Arthritis in PONS


Arthritis in PONS is very similar to arthritis in humans. The aging process often results in aches, pain and inflammation in the joints. Arthritis is usually most prevalent in larger breeds, however PONS may be affected. If your PON is overweight, this will further aggravate the condition. Maintaining weight control may make the difference between a happy, healthy PON and one who is grumpy because of arthritic aches and pains.

Symptoms of arthritis may be revealed in increasing difficulty in getting up after sleeping. Some PONS may show signs of difficulty walking which may dissipate after being up for a short period of time. Swelling of the joints may also be visible.

This is a list of beneficial natural remedies that have proved helpful in treating arthritis. Avoid using them all at the same time. Try a few options for a while to see what results you get and If you do not get the results you want, then try others for a period of time.


  • Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance found in the fluid around the joints. Joints are cushioned by this fluid and the cartilages. Arthritis takes place when the cartilage breaks down causing friction, pain and stiffness. Glucosamine for dogs may help reduce these problems. Glucosamine Sulfate supplements are thought to increase the cartilage and fluids around the joints and prevent them from further damage. Sulfate is necessary for the production of cartilage. Glucosamine for dogs has been researched and is one of the most helpful substances for treating arthritis.


    Most dogs have no side effects from glucosamine sulfate supplements. offer about 20 mg. per pound of body weight, daily. For a 50 pound PON give 1000 mg. per day. You can divide the dosage in half and give it every 12 hours. Consult your local vet on dosage.



  • Chondroitin Sulfate: Chondroitin Sulfate is a substance found in cartilage, tendons and ligaments in the joints and connective tissue. It helps promote strength, flexibility and shock absorption. Chondroitin for is used to help maintain proper joint functioning. Since Chondroitin Sulfate is a part of the dog’s cartilage naturally, supplementing it may help to rebuild it over time. Chondroitin  may also stop future damage to the cartilage. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and helps reduce pain.


    Give 10-15 mg. per pound of body weight. For a 50 pound PONS, give 500-650 mg. per day. You can divide it into two doses per day.


  • Vitamin C: One of the many benefits of Vitamin C is that it helps to increase the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is an important substance in the support of the soft tissue around the joints. Give 500 mg. for a 50 pound dog, twice a day and consult your vet.



  • Fish Oil and Vitamin E: Fish oil has major anti-inflammatory benefits because of its Omega-3 fatty acids. When giving fish oil, owners will want to supplement with a little extra Vitamin E. Give around 500 mg. per 10 pounds of body weight of fish oil. For a 50 pound dog give 2500 to 3000 mg. per day. Fish oil will help support the immune system in addition to helping treat arthritis in dogs. You can get gel capsules with 1000 mg. each. Puncture the capsules and squeeze the fish oil onto your PON's food. Give 100 IUs per day of Vitamin E while supplementing with fish oil.



  • MSM: MSM for PONS can help alleviate problems with arthritis. MSM stands for Methylsulfonlmethane. This is a naturally-occurring form of sulfur. Sulfur is very important for the maintenance of healthy skin and healthy connective tissues. It is found in the hair, nails, skin and joints. With age the body’s level of MSM decreases. This can lead to joint pain and arthritis among other things. Supplementing with MSM for PONS will help reduce pain and inflammation. Give 50-100 grams per 10 pounds of body weight.



  • Exercise: Regular exercise is important to keeping arthritis regulated. Owners will not want to over do it, but a daily walk will help keep your PON's joints functioning a lot better. Many people think that with arthritis, exercise should be stopped. Nothing could be further from the actual truth. It is essential to stay active in order to keep this progressive illness under control.


  • green lipped mussel is another excellent supplement to help inflammation. See the front page of PON Digest for an informative article on it.



  • Soft Bedding: Be sure that your arthritic PON has a soft, comfortable bedding in which to sleep. Sitting and laying on a hard floor, will make the pain and discomfort of arthritis considerably worse.


Please consult your vet for medical problems.