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Becky Gilliam


"For those of you who may not have heard, in addition to the unexpected passing of Mary Palmer, another Pon lover passed away Tues. eve.  Her name was Becky Gilliam.  She would have been 59 years old on Oct. 25.  Becky lived in Ohio with her husband Donald and their 2 Pons, Czarna and Bastek (VIP z Majasu).  Becky was ill a very short time.  I am including this notice on this list, because some of you are not on the APONC list and also because Becky was very interested in the health of her Pons and frequented this group.  She was sold on the pumpkin tip and always searching for tips to lengthen the lifespans of her beloved Pons (her kids, she called them).  Her last words to her husband of 25 years were to take care of the "kids."  My heart aches for her family."

 Becky and Donnie's address is:

Donald Gilliam
1970 Birkdale Dr.
Uniontown, OH 44685
Shelley Potter (posted to PONS-diet & nutrition


My posting:

Thank you for posting about Becky and we join you in agreeing that losing her
was a loss for both her family (humans and PONS) as well as for the PON
community at large. I would like everyone to know that Becky saved the life
of Benji, my friend's PON, who suffered from bladder Cancer. She took the
time and patience to call my friend and explained the benefits of a new Cancer
medication and was very warm and convincing.  As a result, my friend
went ahead with the new treatment and it saved Benji's life. She didn't know
my friend, but she knew Benji was a PON in need and that was all that mattered
to her.