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"Takoda (aka Domlina's Absolut Rysy Ng Star)"





 Benefits of Probiotics for PONS


Probiotics may be extremely beneficial for PONS both for maintaining health and for dealing with digestive conditions.

Scientific research relating specifically to dogs has found that giving  probiotics:

  • Helps reduce the length of canine gastroenteritis. Probiotics  include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Pediococcus acidilactici to name just a few.



  • Reduces the time of acute diarrhea. PON owners will appreciate the reduction of such incidences.



  • Enhances immune functions in puppies.



  • Improves symptoms in dogs with food intolerant or food responsive diarrhea when used together with an elimination diet  . Owners are encouraged to offer grain-free dog food, home cook or follow a raw diet.
 Probiotics may play a significant role in the treatment of canine chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)..


Evidence demonstrating the benefit of dog probiotics is increasing and Holistic veterinarians have used canine probiotic products for several years. Conventional veterinarians are joining their colleagues in prescribing the use of probiotics.


When should PON owners use probiotics ?

According to research, it is obvious that dog probiotics are very useful in cases of gastrointestinal conditions. Gastrointestinal ailments are considered the second most common health issue in dogs and they may be caused by numerous factors including parasitic infection, digestive stress, flora imbalances, diet, as well as the tendency to eat  everything!

If your PON is currently taking antibiotics,  it is beneficial to give probiotics. Antibiotics disrupt the balance of gut micro flora by killing "good bacteria". Giving your PON probiotics will help replenish his supply of friendly bacteria and rebalance digestive flora.

Probiotics may also help prevent or reduce  antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Be sure to give your PON his probiotics at least three hours apart from the antibiotics. Avoid giving antibiotics and probiotics at the same time. Why ? Antibiotics will destroy the probiotics rendering them useless.

Your PON may have excellent digestive health and you can also use probiotics to maintain your PON's system as a simple but effective preventative measure.


If your PON has specific digestive issues, opt for dog probiotic supplements over probiotic dog food and treats. These special supplements generally contain a greater number of probiotic bacteria than the foods and thus are more suited to therapeutic use.

Canine probiotics may be purchased in a variety of different forms including powder, tablet, gel and paste, allowing owners to choose a product to suit their PON's needs. Probiotic dog foods may of course be used together with dog probiotic supplements.

There are countless dog probiotics and you may be uncertain as to which one to choose. The important differences between the products are:

  • The specific strains and species of probiotics



  • The potency. This is measured in numbers of probiotics, which is measured in colony forming units (CFUs). The higher the number of CFUs in a product, the more potent it is.



  • The delivery mechanism: powders, pastes, tablets, capsules, treats and dog food itself.



  • :Most probiotics require refrigeration. However there is an increasing number of products on the market that do not refrigeration.


 If you are uncertain as to the best strains and species to use for your PON or how much he will need, please consult your family veterinarian who should be able to help Please keep us updated and good luck.