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Should I breed my PON ??




What are the pros and cons to breeding your PON ?

Before making a decision to breed your PON there are some vital considerations that owners need to contemplate. Breeding your PON is not an inexpensive or easy option and requires considerable research. As recent studies have reported,  serious health considerations with regard to genetics need to be discussed with your vet and experienced PON breeders before making your final decision.

What do you really know about PONS ?

Dog breeds have their own unique issues when it comes to breeding and you need to be informed of issues within the PON community. Have you researched the lines of prospective studs ? You may need to ignore politics and cope with negative reactions if you conduct your research in an objective manner.

Which stud will you use for your foundation lines ? You need to prove that your female has been health tested before considering breeding. Health tests vary from country to country, but basic hip and eye testing is found in all countries. Some require temperament and thyroid testing to complete comprehensive health testing. Once you have presented proof of health testing, you need to request the same from your proposed stud male. Using champion males carries considerable prestige, but basic testing should always be necessary.

Are you willing to risk the health of your PON ? There is always the possibility that the female can be injured during breeding, or may develop life-threatening conditions during the pregnancy. Some bitches can die during delivery if they are left unsupervised and there are complications. Have your family vet undergo a complete battery of health testing before risking your PON.

Your PON will require regular trips to the vet or even help with birthing or whelping the puppies. Veterinary bills may range from the cost of a check-up to several thousands of dollars depending on individual health issues.

 If there are health issues with the puppies, the breeder is normally responsible unless there have been alternative arrangements made prior to the birth of the puppies. Be aware that these can be minor or they can be extremely costly.

The dame may require more and higher quality food and supplements throughout her pregnancy and the puppies will also require vet visits and high quality food.  Vaccinations and vet visits are critical and add to additional costs.

Establishing a foundation line of healthy and breed standard puppies is extremely beneficial for both individual breeder and the entire breed. Locating good puppy homes  for the puppies is a responsibility and requires considerable preparation. Good breeders cannot wait until puppies are on the ground and must find ways of networking with responsible dog lovers who have indicated an interest in PONS.


Most responsible breeders do not live off dog breeding and have other sources of income. Those who depend on breeding as a significant source of income, need to be avoided for obvious reasons. Please be aware that puppy prices do not cover the expenses of raising dogs. Carefully consider your motives for breeding before deciding if this is the correct option for your PON. It may be wise to discuss breeding options with the health committee of your national breed club as well as consulting your vet for health testing.  Good luck and please keep us updated.