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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information




Flinkbein kennel (Finland)

Taija Tuohilampi




"Cling On's" (Constipation)


Constipation in PONS, is often just an occasional incidence for most of the breed. Some ways you may notice that your PON is constipated; is he often whining or walking funny? Perhaps you notice that she seems to be trying to poop but is straining excessively, producing either none or very little stool? Notice if your PON's stool looks hard or dry this is often dog constipation. Your dog may not want to eat when she is constipated. "Cling On's" are also common symptoms which owners find unpleasant. Baby wipes have been reported to help in this situation.


Even though constipation in PONS may not be looked at as a major issue it can cause hemorrhoids, and other health problems. If your constipated PON does not produce regular stool within a few days, it is time to see your vet. There is always the possibility of a blockage as we know, most PONS like to chew and eat all sorts of things such as toys, bones, rocks, etc. Your PON may be doing a good job of grooming causing a hair blockage. Most times, diets too high in fat cause this condition.

If your PON does become constipated, there are various options we will mention. Offer sugar free canned pumpkin (not pie filling). This natural remedy for dog constipation should help within a day.Also, make sure that your PON has access to plenty of clean fresh water, as this will help pass the stool. In some cases, constipation can be caused from dehydration.

Another remedy for PON constipation, is all natural bran cereal. Give your PON a cup of cereal and again wait about a day. The condition should clear up or actually clear out. If constipation is a regular problem for your PON, it is time to start looking more closely at causes of this issue. Often it can be from your PON not getting enough fiber or a too high fat diet. Consider changing kibble or switch to home cooking. Canine constipation is more common in older PONS. If you have an older PON, be sure there is plenty of fiber in his diet. Regular exercise is also key.

Constipation in PONS is often caused by some of the same reasons humans get constipated. Sedentary lifestyles and poor high fat diet, play the largest role in constipation. One simple thing you can do is add probiotics  to your PON's diet. This is not a short term remedy but is one of the best ways to keep your PON's digestive system functioning efficiently.

If your PON is constipated for more than a few days, it is time to see your family vet. Some more serious causes of constipation may be tumors, kidney disease or prostate problems in males. If ever in doubt please visit your veterinarian.