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Kivalina...Quality Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and Siberian Huskies






by Andrea Erickson



The current Board of Directors of APONC consists of four officers and three board members, a total of 7 people.  The entire club is composed of over 200 members.  It is obvious from the sheer numbers alone that there is a wealth of untapped knowledge and experience within the general membership available to be used to the benefit of the club.  Membership applications for the last 5 years should be analyzed and a list compiled of members and their talents that could be used to benefit the club.


When committees are formed, this list should be used as a guide in selecting and utilizing members with interest and talent in that particular committee area.


Board members and officers should NOT be considered for committee chair positions.  As we have been reminded numerous times, the officers and board have enough on their plate with the day to day operations of the club.  Therefore, it would only make sense that taking additional time away from them to serve on committees would take time away from their very important jobs as officers and directors. 


Reading the membership list to find committee members is non productive.  MANY, MANY members are not active, they do not attend shows, participate in performance such as obedience, etc. and do not belong to regional or all breed clubs.  The percentage of members who are pet owners far outweighs the number of active members. 


A mix of skills and flavors is valuable in both cooking and clubs.  Certainly a mix of experience and level of involvement would be valuable on any committee. 


What are the present officers and board afraid of?  What else do some people have to do to prove their worth to the board and to the breed?  Past performance, current involvement and a willingness to work for the betterment of the breed is what is needed. 


If the board cannot come up with anyone but themselves or the usual select number of people to head committees then they need to rethink the manner in which committees are selected and the purpose for which committees are used.  They need to realize, from the information that they have available, that the club members are an important functioning part of the Polish Lowland world. 


It must be realized that the work of a parent club affects ALL PON owners, breeders and exhibitors, NOT just the members of the club.  AND, it must be realized that not ALL active PON owners, breeders and exhibitors ARE members of the club. 


Committees that should be reported on in a regular timely fashion include, but are not limited to:



Public Education



Judges Education



Standard Revision


Each Board meeting should have a detailed report given from each committee chair.  Those reports should be included in the report of the board meeting to the membership.


AND, the membership should keep in mind that the annual meeting, held at the National Specialty, should provide those in attendance with a report, followed by a complete written report in the breed publication.







Kivalina...Quality Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and Siberian Huskies