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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information



Stash and Paczki: Owners Tom and Diane Pirc, Hartford Wi, USA

 (Photo courtesy of Delta Lodge)



Cornucopia: an American symbol of Thanksgiving and Abundance

by Diane Pirc


Hi! Stash here.  Mom and Dad took us up to northern Wisconsin and we
visited at a very, very doggy friendly lodge called Delta Lodge.

This picture was taken at a fishing village called Cornucopia right on
the shores of Lake Superior. Paczki and I ate fresh whitefish just caught
and just yummy.   We made five new friends that live at Delta Lodge. 
Mom called them Newfoundlands. They are HUGH!  All of them are
coal black and shiny.  Jake, Amanda, Wall-e, Charlie and Q-ie are their
names.  I shook hands with their mom and she liked me right away.

She told Dad I was so pretty, and smart and so, so well behaved.  Dad
told her a was A TDI Dog and she said that was something she wanted to
do with her  "big black dogs"   She asked if we would come back in
spring to visit at her schools.  I will keep you posted.

The second night there Dad built a campfire and by that time Paczki and
I were getting comfy with the "big black dogs".  Anyway we were all
sitting by the fire and Wall-e nudged me with his big nose.   Wall-e
motioned me to come closer so I did.  He wasn't bossy like his sister
and Paczki.  We kind of hit it off right away.  Anyway is a good ole boy
clumsy and goofy but gentle and very nice.  Wall-e lifted my long ear with
 his paw and whispered "you know my mom wants me to be a TDI dog like
you are and I am afraid that I will scare the kids away because I am
so big and awkward.  I'll probably knock all the books off the library
shelves".  I nodded in understanding.  Wall-e I said you will do just fine
by just being yourself.  If you do something wrong you will be corrected
and listen to the correction carefully.  Wall-e said I love you, Stash.
I nodded back.

This Thanksgiving season of abundance lets all be grateful for the
enormous gifts our four legged companions give to us unconditionally each and every day.


PON Digest extends a grateful thank you for this lovely article.