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Flinkbein kennel

kennel Flinkbein
Taija Tuohilampi

Lepsämäntie 545
01830 Lepsämä
tel. +358 445367176




December, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



It seems as though certain owners keep complaining over and over again about their PON being itchy. What would you suggest ?

Those owners need to do their own independent research rather than rely on those who love to rant about their allegied experiences.




Why do certain PONS always get into trouble and chew on their owners clothing ? 


I would tend to look more at the way that owners run their households. Have they "pon-proofed" their homes ?




Why do some owners offer more food during winter months ?


You aren't doing your PON a favor by overfeeding him/her. Extra pounds may lead to serious health issues.



It seems as though more PONS in the USA react to pollen. What is your opinion ?


This may have more to do with planting a wide range of trees and bushes which have generated more pollen activity than with PON immune systems. Consult a specialist for a more detailed response.





PON Facts

Keep a daily journal if your PON is itchy and consult a specialist to help solve this problem.

Avoid seeking advice from online "experts" who may not be qualified.