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Stash, Owners: Tom & Diane Pirc, USA



PON Dental Health


Every February, veterinarians send out notices to patients reminding them of the importance of teeth cleaning and dental health of their dogs. Along with other breed owners, those in the PON community must make informed decisions on options to maintain the well being of their dogs dental health. Many are anxious about the risks of anesthesia and possible infections following a veterinary procedure. Others are concerned about the rising costs of teeth cleaning which may exceed costs of human teeth cleaning. A lot depends on the general condition of a PON's mouth (gums, plaque on teeth, etc.), age of the PON, general health of the PON, living conditions and so on.  Decisions are not uncomplicated and valid options need to be explored by informed owners.

The expanding influence of the internet and new dental products have widened choices for all concerned PON lovers.  Canine oral care gel has recently been introduced to the market and is safe, user friendly and inexpensive while providing an option to improve dental health. It comes in different flavors (mint, salmon,etc.) and is applied on the gums and teeth. I personally recommend it and have heard  glowing reports from friends. A number of friends brush their dog's teeth on a daily basis with excellent results. 

Members of the PON community are encouraged to explore additional options for good canine dental health and have their family veterinarian examine their PON's mouths at least twice a year.  A good diet also contributes to canine dental health. Many new products are available which include grain-free dog food and treats. Raw feeding is also excellent for good dental health and many owners who offer raw diets report excellent results. 

Good luck with your decisions and consider contacting PON Digest for additional information on canine canine oral care gel.