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GROMIT PON VAN JOYA - Owners: Patel and Jelena




Dog Parks and Pons:  Pros and Cons


  Dog parks are popping up throughout the USA and can be an asset or detriment for your PON, depending on circumstances.  Let us explore issues to be able to better evaluate advantages and disadvantages when considering weekly visits to area parks. All PON owners need to inform themselves of local laws and regulations before making a final decision.

On the positive side of this issue, dog parks provide an excellent source of canine interaction for your PON and offer all sorts of physical and mental stimulation not always readily available at home.   Further, your PON will enjoy off-leash exercise which will promote his immune system function and reduce annoying behavior patterns such as  excessive barking, chewing on furniture/shoes, etc.  Owners are apt to come across fellow dog owners and increase their knowledge through observation and interaction with experienced owners.

There are also disadvantages to dog parks which range from insignificant (constant loud barking) to major health issues that may arise unexpectedly. Some owners may bring females in heat to the park, resulting in unplanned mixed breed pregnancies. Depending on the park's location, there is a potential for parasites and accidental poisoning from wild mushrooms and other vegetation.  Some owners may bring aggressive dogs to the park in the hope of offering them better socialization opportunities. This may result in dog-related injuries for both pets and owners.  Climatic conditions may prove unfavorable for a double coated PON during warm weather months. 

How can PON owners provide a safe haven for their beloved PONS at dog parks ?

*  Visit several times without your PON and determine the best times to have play sessions. Avoid overcrowded dog parks which may result in too much interaction

*  Inspect all vegetation for possible poisonous plants

*  Interact with other dog owners in order to determine if they have like minded ideals

*  Know your PON and his likes and dislikes. Some PONS get along well with all breeds and other PONS less so.  Some PONS exclusively prefer their own family flock.

Common sense and good planning may determine your PON'S experiences at your local dog park.