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 Enhance  Your PON's Behavior Through Exercise



 A PON who is bored because of being left alone and/or crated for hours on end, is far more likely to present behavioral challenges. Some of us are hearing more and more stories about PONS who get them selves into trouble and engage in destructive behaviors which range from excessive barking, misbehaving in the ring, destroying property and even becoming aggressive towards strangers. Very often, the root cause of such naughty behavior is nothing more than idleness. A PON who is not sufficiently exercised may find alternative outlets for his energies which may not please his owners.

A PON who is regularly exercised will tend to have less undesirable behavior patterns. Professional trainers have traditionally stressed the importance of exercise, which improves a dog's health and decreases the likelihood of destructive and inappropriate behavior. PONS by nature, are a high energy dog (needed for herding sheep in days gone by) and do not do well in situations which require long hours of inactivity. How often do you exercise your PON ?


What is the solution for PON owners who need to work outside of the home ? Set your alarm two hours earlier, and increase the time you spend walking your PONS ! Upon your arrival home, make sure you add walking your PON to your evening activities. Walking your PON will enhance and decrease behavior issues. Instead of cutting a walk short once "business" is done, continue the walk for several more minutes. Remember that walking your PON is also a wonderful bonding opportunity.

Playing fetch and other ball games is another means by which you can exercise your PON. A PON can get quite an effective workout from a brisk game of ball and requires no real effort on the part of owners. Turn off the TV and devote some time to your PON !  If you have more than one PON, you might consider utilizing a treadmill and can gain all of the advantages of lengthy walks without having to leave your home. Consider purchasing agility equipment which motivates PONS to become more active in their own yards. Contact a local agility association for advice in this matter. Give your PON a job. The more intelligent a PON, the more likely for them to become bored at home.


There is no limit to the number of ways that one can find to exercise PONS. Every PON and situation is somewhat different, but all have the opportunity for quality exercise. Regular and sufficient exercise will improve a PON's health, create additional opportunities for PON and owner interaction and consequently lead to important improvements in behavior. Please consult your veterinarian for additional advice and have a Thyroid panel taken to be sure that behavior issues are not a result of Thyroid problems.  Owners may also consider switching diets to make sure that food additives are not a root of behavior problems as well. Again, your veterinarian's guidance is important.


As PON owners, we are obligated to give our family pets, the best quality of life. Many times this requires a bit of creative thinking and independent research. Good luck.