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Pon Musenburg




Do you enjoy exercising with your PON ?





If you enjoy going for a regular run in the early morning, you can teach your PON to join you. Exercise is just as good for your PON as it is for you, and you'll both enjoy the company !

Your first step is walking with your PON. Will he heel at your side as you stroll leisurely down the street? If not, don't attempt jogging with her. Speeding up your walk to a run, she'll only pull harder. You are more apt to lose your balance and take an awkward tumble. Also, the pressure of  his pulling can create a choking effect on her throat and cause serious coughing. Never go running with a PON who is pulling you. I know of one case in which a PON broke a bone this way. It took months to heal.

Assuming your PON has learned to walk at your side, start by speed-walking for about 30 seconds, then slow it down, and after a minute or so speed it up again. Randomly go fast and then slow and then fast and then faster and then slow. The idea is to teach your PON to follow your pace.

If you routinely let your PON sniff  the grass whenever she wants to on walks, you'll have to readjust that habit, too. Let her sniff and also to do her business before you begin your run. Some PONS will refuse to walk further and you need to increase walk times every day. At lot depends on your PON's general well being and age. Put your PON on a veterinary guided diet if he has gained too many extra pounds.

One way for your PONS to differentiate a walk from going for a run is to use a special leash for jogging. Your PON will notice (sniff out) the different leash and soon understand that the special leash is meant for serious running - not stopping to smell the flowers. Or worse.

Just as you must build endurance, so must your PON. When I run with someone, I may complain, "Oh gosh, getting tired here. Slow up!" Some PONS will also tell you when enough is enough, but some won't. You must be an observant owner.

Never go for runs of any considerable distance with puppies who are still growing. If you have any doubts, ask your veterinarian. Good luck and keep us updated on your success. Consistent exercise is part of a well planned weight control program and will keep your PON in good condition and consequently, good health for many years !