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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog




PON Piekarz Kennel




Exercising Your PON



Most PON owners think of exercising in terms of long walks and various ball games. Consider the following options with your PONS:




Dog breeds have developed  the ability to weave in and out of trees while chasing food. This instinctual habit has extended through centuries. Utilize some new plungers adhered to your wood or tile floors and teach your PON to weave his way in and out of the plungers. Start slow and over time you can encourage your PON to faster Weaver Pole speeding skills.


Walking skills on a leash

Take your PON for a walk around the block or in a park or to any dog friendly locations that you find in your neighborhood. Always mix up the locations, and, or, directions of your walk to keep it interesting for both you and your PON.


Go For a Swim with your PON

If you are close to any beaches, lakes or streams check to see if they offer you the opportunity to let your PON go for a swim. This is a great exercise outlet for PONS.



Hide and Seek

Teach your PON to "find it". Your PON will enjoy the mental work out as well as the physical exertion of locating his favorite toy or treat. Mix things up by changing the location of where you hide the toys and what toys are being hidden.



Jump Over

You can use two kitchen chairs and place an item like a broom between the lower rungs on them and teach your PON to jump over the bar on command. Be sure and start very low and work your way up in height. Avoid starting jumping activities too early with a puppy.






Running through objects (like hollowed out tree trunks) to catch prey is also a natural habit for a dog. Dogs love tunnels. Look for folks throwing out a larger appliance box and teach your PON to run through this large box on command.



Frisbee Fun

Tossing a frisbee and having your PON retrieve it is an excellent form of exercise. These days, there are many different types of frisbees on the market, which makes it so much easier to find one your PON enjoys.

Go Fish with a favorite toy

If you don't feel like moving around so much yourself, tie a favorite toy onto a pole with a string. Let your PON chase the toy while you move the fishing pole back and forth. Just make sure that all sharp object are removed such as hooks, etc.


Scent Games

Place a small treat in one of your hands behind your back. Bring both of your closed fisted hands in front of your PON and let him figure out which hand the treat is in. This game can also be moved to cups, closed boxes, etc.



Lure Coursing for fun

Tying a plastic bag or soft toy to a long string and reeling it in while your PON chases it, is a fun and inexpensive way to get your PON moving.


Obstacle Courses at home

Set up all sorts of furniture and boxes and teach your PON to run the obstacle course you have set up in your home or even out in your yard. Change it with different sized and shaped objects to make it even more fun.


Having fun with a water hose

Many dogs love to chase after water coming from a water hose. Letting your PON jump after a garden hose is great exercise and fun to watch as well !