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Katie and Oscar loved by (because they are children,not property)  Richard and Ann Glazeski, Camden, Delaware, USA






A Farewell Tribute to Our Companions

             Katie and Oscar



Katie: 1994-2008

Oscar: 1996-2009




It has been a tough year at our house. And I would like to offer  a Farewell to our best Buddies.


We have been owned by PONs since 1994. Katie came to us from California. This small little black and cream color ball of fur was a real joy to have in our family.  We can still tell stories about her and get a good laugh. She was not a show dog as she was a bit  too small. This was just as well because she  hated the show ring. She loved the snow and playing ball. Not one day would go by that we were not out chasing down her blue ball. She would have had make a good herder.  We would hide from her during our outings and she would find each of us. She could make all the dogs in the house tow the line with a curl of her upper lip. We have seen grown male dogs whine because they couldnít get down the hallway when Katie was lying across the way. As she got older and the arthritis set in her small feet and back,  her joints swelled and her snow days were over. At the age of 8 she was diagnose with PRA. This slowed her down some, but we donít think that she ever truly went totally blind.


This year we also lost our Oscar.  Oscar came to us from Colorado. He was a sweet boy, although very hard headed at first. Oscar was just the opposite of Katie, he loved to do dog shows, and he could have cared less about chasing a ball. We can also tell stories about him when was younger and get a good laugh.  He also loved the snow and when ever he could find a big pile of leaves, he was rubbing his face in it or rolling in it like a little kid.


He got sick this summer we do not know the cause of his illness. At first all thought that it was his liver. But it wasnít. He passed with out having any cancer, tumors, or with any liver problems.


We are not over the loss of Katie and now Oscar so suddenly. We will miss them, each and every day. Both of them knew what we were thinking, and could act on it without us saying a word.



WithWith all our  love,

Richard and Ann Glazeski, Camden, Delaware, USA