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Ingrid's Gwiazda Polarna Iliana (Daika) in the Netherlands


February, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



How can you tell if a PON is happy if they don't have tails to wag in the USA ?



The answer is quite simple ! They wag their bottoms and display that famous, PON smile for owners and friends to view !


I don't have time to craft a home-cooked or a raw food diet. Which other alternatives do I have which are healthy for my PONS ?



These days, there are a number of gluten-free commercial dog foods on the market. Do your own research or consider joining PONS-Diet and Nutrition Yahoo group on the topic.



What does it mean when my PON puppy rolls around on the ground when she meets new people who visit us ?



Rolling around on the ground is a type of submissive behavior.  Your PON wants newcomers to know that she is friendly and willing to listen to them.




 I have a senior PON with a mild case of arthritis and I would like to try alternative remedies to help relieve his pain. Do you have any suggestions ?


Please consider canine massage which is mentioned in this month's article on PON Mind and Body.





PON Facts

PONS have excellent memories and will remember your training mistakes for the rest of their lives. Avoid leaving young puppies alone for long periods of time.