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Polish Lownd Sheepdog - pons - pon the dogl





"Exquisite Wonder" -The Netherlands (bunker)





February, 2010



Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





My PON's food bill is becoming higher than my family's bill. Do you have any advice ?

Premium dog food has become extremely expensive and may not solve your PON's dietary needs. Consider switching to an individually formulated home cooked diet under the supervision of your holistic vet.



My PON is continuously scratching. How can we still have pollen in the middle of winter ?



Strong winds blow in pollen which may result in scratching among PONS who are allergic to certain kinds of tree,etc. pollen. Visit your vet for testing.




How can I find out about health issues in the breed ? I am not interested in online gossip and wish to have facts.


You need to consult your national breed club and also note that this varies from country to country.



My PONS get along quite well, unless I offer bones. What should I do ?


Why do you need to offer them bones ? They love bananas and other treats. Try alternative options for a peaceful household.





PON Advice

Winter weather does not indicate lack of mold and pollen. Consult your vet for inhalant issues if your PON continuously scratches when strong winds blow into your area.