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Polish Lowland Sheepdog -pons - pon the dog


Brčagha Gwiedzny Korona, New Zealand

The ring  around   the moon  is the Korona and her colour is cream, brown, black. The 
  brown in  her  colour is the same colour as the Korona when the  moon is full.








February, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



Why is my PON itchy after walking on the frozen grass ? Isn't it too cold for pollen ?

Please consult your vet for all PON health issues. Apparently, strong winds spread pollen from trees to grass and beyond, regardless of weather conditions. Make sure and brush your PON after walks.




My PON loves to herd the young children in my family and this makes some relatives nervous. What to do ? 


Avoid all situations which may not end well and if your PON persists in herding activities, keep him away from visiting children. Socialization classes my provide your PON with lots of fun.




How often should a PON's teeth be cleaned ?


This question is not uncomplicated. The answer may depend on the age, type of diet and even the general oral hygiene of your PON's mouth. Consult with both your vet and breeder.



How often can one breed a PON without having health problems ?


Have you spoken with your national breed club and vet about this issue ? The answer may depend on a range of issues such as the general health of the PON, the age of the PON, breed policies (if any), etc.  To continuously breed every single year will prove dangerous to all PON females.





PON Facts

Protect your PON from dog nappers by supervising all outdoor activities. Avoid allowing your PONS to play alone in your yard.