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PONS and Fireworks

Fourth of July and the usual fireworks are around the corner for PON owners living in the United States.How does this effect individual PONS ? Some PONS seem to cope well but there are many that cannot deal with the surprising loud bangs and whistles and have a distinct fear of this traditional way of celebrating our independence.

 How can owners start helping their PONS learn to stay calm with fireworks shooting off near their homes ? As owners are aware, canines are more sensitive to noises than humans and it can be difficult to get a PON used to these kinds of firework noises. However, there are proven ways of dealing with this situation.

Owners need to make the whole experience of fireworks a positive thing, a so that their PONS do not become alarmed when listening to high pitched sounds. There are many ways to do this. One approach entails using treat balls and Kongís with tasty food inside and keeping PONS occupied while the noises are going on outside the home.

Another option is distracting your PON with play. Gather some favorite toys and and start playing with your PON to make it a fun experience while the fireworks are going off in the background.

You can also try and contain the situation for your PON by keeping curtains shut and closing doors inside your home.This will keep the noise levels down and also prevent flashing lights from being observed by your PON. If your PON feels comfortable being in a different room from you, put on a radio, CD or even TV, so there is background noise available to detract from the fireworks.

The important key is management and the safety of your PON. Behave in a calm manner when  fireworks are going off and go about your activities as usual. If you react or jump about, your PON may pick up on this and feel uneasy.

Some other ways of helping your dog get ready for dealing with fireworks may  by using therapy CDís. offers a nice selection These noise desensitivation CD's help get them used to certain noises. All you do is pop the CD in the CD player and play it while your PON eats its food. When it is comfortable with the noise for a number of days or weeks, increase the volume slightly. Carefully read the instructions on the CD before use.

Another option for helping your PON may be using a Thundershirt,  Studies have reported a difference in behavior in about 85% of dogs with noise and stress related problems. Please remember that this is not a cure, it is  management and they are designed to help when used with a behavior modification program.

If you wish to help your PON without pricy options, consider longer walks to tire him/her out and be sure to tightly hold onto the leash to prevent your PON from a panic attack.

If your PON struggles with anxiety during fireworks, why not plan ahead and help your dog deal with the situation better, and use some of the above management techniques. Lots of understanding, and a positive approach will help your PON feel more relaxed with firework noises. Good luck and please keep us updated.