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Flea Control For PONS


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Simple Tips for Safe Flea Control

Katherine Loeck


Summertime means tasty barbecues, relaxing hammocks and scenic camping trips. But sultry dog days also mean larger populations of tiny household pests, such as fleas. Thankfully, there are effective nontoxic countermeasures you can easily employ.


There are 2,000 known species of fleas worldwide. But the cat flea, which bites cats, dogs and humans, is the most infamous indoor troublemaker. For every flea found on your animal, there are approximately 30 more in your home.


Most chemical flea control products target only 5 percent of the flea population, the adults. Because fleas become stronger and more immune to chemicals with each generation, toxic chemicals must be repeatedly applied. And, although a product may claim to be natural, some natural ingredients may cause allergic reactions or have toxic effects in animals. Visit for details.


Here are natural, easy tips to prevent fleas from entering your home:


  • Spray microscopic nematodes in moist, shady spots outside ? even in flower and vegetable gardens. The worms eat flea larvae and can reduce populations by 90 percent within 24 hours.

  • Set eucalyptus leaves inside and out because fleas can't stand the smell. Buy bunches at a craft store, cut them up and place leaves and stems in open glass jars. Set one or two in each room of the house. Also, hang pod-filled socks from branches around the yard.



Make Your Own Natural Flea Repellent - 2013 update





Natural Flea Repellent Formula



3 ounces distilled water
 1 ounce witch hazel
 6 drops lav
ender essential oil
 3 drops tea tree essential oil
 3 drops citronella essential oil

 Place essential oils together in a glass spray bottle. Shake well. To
 really blend the aromas, allow the oils to sit together in the
 bottle for a week.

 Add the distilled water and witch hazel. Shake to ensure the oils are
 fully incorporated.

  Do not spray around your PON's face and avoid the eye area completely. Apply every two hours when outside your home.




Flea spray mixture

  • 2 drops of cedarwood, lemongrass, rose geranium
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon vodka
  • 1 cup of dried peppermint, eucalyptus, bay leaf herbs
  • 1- 2 cups of water
Pour the essential oils and vodka in a closed container,and shake well. After the mixture is blended, add apple cider vinegar.

Boil 2-4 cups of water and set aside. Add your dried herbs in the water and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Once the mixture is cool, drain and apply. This mixture must be kept refrigerated because it goes rancid quite quickly.





Avon Skin So Soft Formulas

Basic formula:

2 oz. of Avon Skin So Soft

1 cup of vinegar

1 cup of water or sage tea (from health food store)

Mix and spray every hour




Alternative Avon Formula

16 oz. of Avon Skin So Soft

5 Tablespoons eucalyptus oil

Add enough vinegar to make up one gallon

Mix and spray every hour



Combo Formula

2 cups of apple cider vinegar

2 cups of cool sage or chamomile tea

20 drops of eucalyptus, citronella oils

10 drops of lavender, tea tree, cedar oils

2 oz. of Avon Skin So Soft





Comments from owners:


"Very easy to get rid of fleas with diatomaceous earth. You can get it in the garden centers or order it online. To treat your carpets just sprinkle it over them and leave it for 7 days and then vacuum up."  Wisconsin owner
" I have a 7 year old and she has suffered with hot spots and has lost quite a bit of her fur. The fleas at my house were taking over. Since trying the Apple Cider Vinegar, our lives have become better. No more fleas ! Her fur has started to grow back. It has been fabulous!!!"   California owner



  Please note:

Insect repellents using plant oils such as citronella, soybean, coconut, and
geranium "provided little if any protection," according to  Consumer Reports
(2005). Apple cider vinegar was not mentioned in the Consumer Report. However European sources have confirmed the effective used of apple cider vinegar for flea control. To be sure of complete protection, please spray often (every few hours) and  add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your PON'S drinking water on a regular basis.