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Pon Musenburg




Flower Essences for PONS - Do they really work ??

This article is in response to many PON owners who have asked about Flower essences. Flower essences are actually extracts made from flowers and plants and are considered as an alternative remedy for both animals and humans. They mainly work on an energetic level and positively effect mental and emotional levels.

Flower essences use parts of various kinds of flowers, plants, trees, and bushes in order to make extracts which are then diluted and to become effective. This sounds something like homeopathy, but homeopathic remedies utilize more than flowers and plants as part of their ingredients. Most important, homeopathic remedies treat physical ailments whereas flower essences mainly take care of the mental and emotional parts of animals and humans.


 Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) first developed flower essences and identified a total of 38 healing plants which he believed could be used to remedy negative states of mind that bother people and animals. Presently, 38 Bach flower essences are available for dealing with a specific range of emotional and behavioral problems. Over the years, additional types of flower essences have been developed by individuals and companies in many countries. There are now specific blends of flower essences for dogs developed to treat common canine emotional and behavioral problems. These flower essences have been growing in popularity in the field of animal health and are widely used by holistic veterinarians,etc. for treating emotional problems as stress, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, etc. which are commonly found in household pets.


Flower essences gently restore the balance between mind and body by eliminating negative emotions ( fear, worry, anxiety) which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole individual.. As the mind is balanced and relaxed, the entire body becomes stronger and has a greater ability to heal itself.


Will Flower essences work for PONS with phobia's to storms, etc. ?

 PON owners may inquire about how several drops of "flower water" can help the emotional well being of their family PON. As mysterious as it sounds, dogs generally respond positively to flower essences, and scientific studies have proven that flower essences are successful in treating a wide range of emotional, sometimes physical, imbalances. Canines have emotions just like humans and there are times when they have negative emotions. Flower essences are very useful in helping to overcome these negative feelings. For example, flower essences can bring relief and healing to your PON when he is depressed, nervous, anxious, lonely, etc. Further, Essences may also be offered to change temperaments, such as aggression, hyperactivity, over-dominance, etc. Owners can also use flower essences to eliminate excessive barking (sometimes a PON trait),chewing, hole digging,etc.

Bach's "Rescue Remedy" is the best known flower essence and is a combination of five original essences and is also used for first aid situations, stress and trauma.Flower essences have no side-effects, and even if a wrong essence has been used, it will do no harm to the dog. Flower essences for dogs can also be used in conjunction with other healing modalities, conventional or holistic, to promote your PON's general well being.


You can administer Flower Essences by driping the essence directly into your PON's mouth or by putting it on his nose to lick off. Be careful that the dropper does not touch his skin or muth to avoid contamination.Alternatively, put a few drops of the essence in the drinking water of your PON. Owners can also put a few drops of the essence in a spritzer, mix it with a little distilled water, and spray the remedy in the vicinity of your PON.


Flower essences usually work pretty quickly. Generally speaking, when an appropriate essence is used, your PON should start feeling better within a week. It is best to monitor your PON's response to the essence in order to determine how effectively and quickly the remedy works in order for follow-up action.

Please note the following:

  • Flower essences should not replace vital  medical diagnosis- Acute or serious health problems need to be attended to immediately and should be taken to a vet for medical treatment.
  • Just because your PON is using essences does not mean that owners should stop other remedies. For example, an aggressive dog should still be trained and monitored even when or after he is being treated with flower essence.
  • Remember also that, very often, emotional imbalances (such as depression or aggression) may be due to an underlying physical problem. Before using an essence to treat the secondary symptom (the emotional problem), therefore, always make sure that your PON does not have a physical illness which may be the underlying cause.

Please consult your holistic veterinarian when considering the use of Flower essences.