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Pon Musenburg



Is Frisbee a good choice for your PON ?



Many PON owners are considering sports for their PONS and may consider Frisbee as a form of athletic training. It is vital for all PON owners to consult their veterinarians before starting PONS on any type of athletic training. PONS need to be tested for Hip Dysplasia to verify they have good hips because of the risk of  sports aggravating joints.


Ideally, a PON should have the following characteristics:

 * Should be at least 30 pounds and no more than about 46 pounds - should not be overweight. Please ask for your vet's professional opinion

* Be tested by your vet for heart, hips and other health issues

* Your PON should have strong herding, and chasing instincts

* Your PON should have an even temperament and exhibit no aggression towards other dogs

Another vital point to consider for good Frisbee dog training is basic obedience. The main feature of a training course should be to teach the owner, not the PON.

These are some tips for basic training:

 * Throw the disc on the ground, while rolling it like a wheel. This will allow your PON to get used to chasing it without potentially getting hit by a flying disc.

* Remember to allow your PON to have fun, and avoid worrying if your PON forgets to return the disc.

* Use a positive voice tone and convince your PON this is a wonderful play session !



Avoid aiming the disc directly at your PON.  PONS have long memories and will remember being hit by a disc and developing a fear of it. If you notice that your PON is avoiding the disc or loses interest, stop and start training on another day. PONS under 14 months should not be encouraged to leap and in fact, the stress of landing may damage a young dog. Make sure your PON's growth plates have closed by having your veterinarians take x-rays.


If PON owners are serious about becoming involved with Frisbee training, they need to contact their local Frisbee club and inquire about Frisbee dog equipment which is appropriate for their PONS. Let us know about your experiences and send us photos' of your PON doing this awesome sport !