One popular canine activity is hide and seek. This is one of many games that owners can teach PONS.. In fact, owners may be surprised at just what their PONS can learn.

These are some great games to teach your PONS:

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek has always been a favorite game for my own PONS.. It is by far great fun that could be had in a day. Teaching your PON to play the game is simple too. This is what you need to do:

  • Get a favorite toy and get your PON excited about playing with you.
  • Pick out a hiding space in advance so that you know where you are going.
  • Toss the toy on the other side of the room so that your PON goes after it and then run to your hiding spot.
  • The first few times, you will need to softly call your PON so that he will know to search for you.
  • Eventually, your PON will start looking for you on his own.

Playing Treasure Hunt

You will need to teach your PON sit and stay in order to play this game. Take him to a room and put him in sit and stay. Then, show him his favorite toy before leaving to hide it. Place the toy in an obvious location the first few times. Then, you can tell your PON to “go get it.” At first, you will need to help your PON to find the toy, but later on, you will be able to tell your PON to go on a treasure hunt for toys.

Cleaning Up the House

If you want your PON to be productive and have a mentally stimulating game, then you will want to teach him clean the house. Of course, your PON cannot sweep, but he can put away his individual toys. You will be astonished at how easily PONS can learn, and this is an excellent way to keep your PON thinking.

You will need to teach your PON two steps: take it and drop it. Once your PON has learned these, you should be able to point to a toy, say take it, then lead your PON to his toy box and say drop it. Over time, your PON will learn to clean up all on his own. Isn't this awesome ?

Getting bored with those same old dog games? Your PON probably is too! This is a good reason to try some fun and exciting games that are interactive. Please send us updates on your PON's progress !!!