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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information



Flinkbein kennel  (Flinkbein Honor)

kennel Flinkbein
Taija Tuohilampi

Lepsämäntie 545
01830 Lepsämä
tel. +358 445367176





Games for PONS



These are some tips to teach and play a cooperation game that will improve your PON's  response to coming when called, even when playing with other dogs.

1) Provide lots of healthy, yummy treats.
2) Tell your PON to "go play."
3) Allow him to enjoy playing with his doggie pal for a short while.
4) Go over to your PON, put a treat  in front of his nose, and then wiggle that treat back and forth while moving it away from him.
5) Tell your PON, "Come Away", enticing him to follow the bait.
6) When he starts to move toward you, offer him the treat.
7) Progress each time to having him take a step or two closer to you before you  reward him. Wait until he comes all the way in before offering the reward.
8) Give your PON the treat while you hold his collar gently with your other hand. If you also praise with  "good come away", this will help him learn what the cue "come away" means, in context of the reward he's getting for doing it.
9) Then tell your PON "Go Play" and release his collar, gently touching his shoulder with a very, slight fingertips-like-feathers push.
10) Allow him to socialize with the other pup and then call him "Come Away" again. Offer the reward! Interrupting his play every so often with this game will teach your PON to quickly come whenever you call, regardless of what he's doing at the time. Use the treat-on-the-nose technique only until your PON learns how the game works and starts moving toward you on his own. After that only use the treat as a reward.

This is a wonderful game for families with an energetic PON that jumps up when overexcited.This game teaches PONS to sit politely when asked to, even when very wound-up.Freeze becomes even more fun when children are players in the game and it teaches the kids a positive way to play with their puppy and manage his activities.

How to start: First teach your PON to sit for a treat by holding one just above his nose then raising it slightly. As your PON reaches for the treat, his rear will go to the floor in a sit. Offer the treat. Next step is to teach the children and other players how to get the dog to sit for treats.

Call "Go"  and have everyone jump around, and make happy sounds. After a few seconds, call "Freeze!" and have everyone stop and stand tall. When the action stops, the player closest to the PON asks him to sit and rewards with a treat when he does.Then start another round. Each time wait a little longer before calling "Freeze"... after a few rounds, your PON will automatically be sitting when the players stop and stand tall.

Enjoy these games with your PONS !