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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information









             Official Reading Dog for Jack Russell Memorial Library
     Hartford, Wisconsin USA

    Owners: Tom & Diane Pirc, Hartford Wisconsin, USA








 "Gifts on a Pon"


Happy Christmas everyone! Stash here.  Remember me?  We talked awhile ago.  I'm AKC, NATL., INT'L. CH. BOGDANKA KING STANISLAS POSY O'PIRC  CGC, TDI, TDIA, AKC TD, HD  (Ch. Czort Nerita  z  Ch. Nowinka Kosy Dziechcinek).  Most 'especially important I am a TDI DOG.  Since last time I wrote I have been very, very busy.  After two semesters at St. Gabriels in Hubertus Wisconsin visiting with the kinder kids every Friday morning I took a summer break.  In the fall of 2010 I began visiting closer to home at a grade school in Hartford Wisconsin.  Once a week a special lady brought a small boy into a quiet room where dad and I would be waiting for him.  I don't quite know what was wrong, but some days he would be happy and others very angry.  In the happy times He would make play dough figures at the small table he worked at and also LEGOS.  He would show them to me.  I like the small tables 'cause I can see what's all going on.  The table fits right under my chin.  Of course I never, ever steal anything off of a table.  Anyways, sometimes we would go for walks together too.  But on those angry days he might throw his glasses at the wall or stomp his feet or yell really loud. Those times I just sat quietly with my dad until he got happy again.  Early in spring of 2011 his special teacher lady left to have a baby and I did not ever see the little boy again.  I say a pray for him every day and I sure hope he can be more happy and less sad. Summertime in 2011,  I made friends with the head children's librarian, Audrey, at Hartford Library.  We liked each others right at the beginning.  She said it would be fun for me to visit with the children and I agreed.  So every Tuesday morning from 10 until noon children  signed up to read to me for 20 minutes each.  Sometimes they came alone and sometimes with a buddy or sister or brother.  it really didn't matter.  I say the more the better.  After they read, my  mom stamped their wrist with a "PON" stamp. She got the stamper from my special friend, Anne Weiss.  Mrs. Weiss has a PON named Mikey.  The kids liked that a lot.  Summer reading ended with a Ice Cream Party.  I was invited, but mom said "no ice cream for you little boy".  That's okay I got a cookie when I got home. The library closed in late summer to reopen in the fall even bigger and better.   The building tripled in size and according to the records and what dad says the new Jack Russell Memorial Library in Hartford Wisconsin cost 10 million dollars.  WOW!  And guess what  me, STASH, is part of the staff.  I am their library reading dog.  Me just me.  Open house was November 13th and I sat there in the children's area so proudly greeting grandmas and moms and especially all the kids.  Dads even came because the Green Bay Packers were not playing that Sunday. Late in the afternoon  the owners of a large book store in West Bend Wisconsin were introduced to me.  Mom says they want me to have children's reading times at their store.  We'll see. Now I can report to you that every Saturday from 10 am to 1:30 in the afternoon children come to read to me.  Mom has a sign up sheet at the front desk and parents sign up their boys and girls for half hour slots.  We started Saturday November 19th.  Everybody came except one little girl.  Her dad called to say she had the flu.  She is signed up to come two more Saturdays in the future so she won't miss out.  My special reading room has a big round carpet, window seats, two green pillows with big "S's" on them and a big blankie for the kids to cuddle in.  My new reading buddies got the PON stamp on their wrists when they finished and a special $5 token for the children's game room at a local restaurant called the Mine Shaft.  Mr. Master's is the owner and he is a very nice man.  All the kids smiled and that made me smile too.  Oh! before I forget, my new reading buddies are excellent readers and will get better and better I am sure. Bye for now.  Santa, if you read this please leave wonderful squeakies and yummies for all the PONS all over the world.  As for me and Paczki ( Ch. Hilary Rexer  z  Ch.Tzarina's Sweetist Taboo), we really have plenty of happy things already.  But an extra cookie treat is nice to have before night, night time.  Santa, my "special" sister, Paczki is really a very good girl even though she bosses me around sometimes.


Diane Pirc
Hartford, Wisconsin