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Stosh enjoying a game of ball: Owner-Lisa Brody Press, USA




Gluten-Intolerant PONS

Does your PON often experience constipation/diarrhea, scratch excessively, have skin bumps, frequent ear infections ? These are some of many signs that he may be gluten-intolerant. An abnormal immune response occurs in individual dogs after consuming foods containing gluten  which effects the small intestine. If gluten-intolerant PONS continue to digest food with gluten,  it can damage the digestive system and lead to major health issues..
There are a wide range of symptoms that may indicate that your PON may have this condition. It is therefore vital that you are aware of these symptoms because early diagnosis tends to be the best way to control any condition.
Major symptoms may include:
  • Skin issues (excessive scratching, biting)
  • Hair loss where biting, scratching have taken place
  • Bumps (may be evident on the PON's feet, head, neck, ears and tummy areas)
  • General dry skin
  •  Skin infections
  • Chronic ear infections all year round
 You should consult your vet promptly for a change of diet and treatment of the above conditions. Gluten Intolerance has a range of symptoms including:
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Tendency to be tired after exercise, play activities
  • Vomiting with no apparent cause
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia (blood tests need to be taken)
Dog food companies have recently introduced gluten into commercial dog foods as a binder and many dogs cannot tolerate wheat, barley, rice. Their body's immune system may exhibit an extreme reaction may become malnourished, regardless of the amount of food consumed. Veterinary studies have indicated that in severe cases, elbow and shoulder problems, intervertebral disc syndrome, cruciate ligament ruptures and even heart valve failure may be the result of gluten consumation. There is no known cure for gluten-intolerance and a dramatic change of diet may be necessary to prolong the life of your PON.

Consider switching to home cooking, a raw diet or gluten-free dog food. PON owners are advised to read labels and even call dog food companies for specific questions. Please keep us updated on the progress of your PON. Good luck !