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(Trufla & her niece, Nizina z Wielgowa, 2 stars, 2 int.champions)





Green Beans as part of canine weight control

Obesity is a  significant health problem for PONS both in the USA and Europe. Extra pounds can contribute to heart and circulation issues, joint issues, Diabetes, and even Cancer. A high percent of owners overfeed their PONS at mealtimes and offer too many snacks throughout the day. Similar to humans, this causes PONS to become obese and raises the risk factors for health issues. If the international PON community wishes to insure longer life spans for their PONS, they need to offer better diets, lower portions and good fitness programs.

Fiber in your PON's diet is a good way to help your PON lose extra pounds.  Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to the longevity and quality of your PON. Of course, fiber cannot accomplish weight loss on its own, but it can  make a big difference.  Fiber helps to keep your PON feeling full and content without large amounts of calories.

A canine weight control diet contains green beans in addition to a veterinary supervised diet.  The benefit of this combo keeps your PON feeling  full in between meals. If your PONS are like my PONS, they seem to be hungry most of the time and constantly search for food in between meals. Adding green beans will help keep those tummies feeling full and well fed until the next dinner time.

According to the latest studies, green beans are an excellent source of vitamin K and are also rich in Vitamin A, potassium, foliate and iron. The vitamin C and beta-carotene present in green beans lower the risk of cancer. They also contain good levels of magnesium, thiamine, calcium, phosphorous, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and niacin. In short, green beans are a storehouse of essential nutrients which are necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. Eating them regularly can help the body becoming strong and disease proof as green beans help in the overall strengthening of the immune system thereby providing a shielding effect to the body.


Keep a daily journal of the amounts you are giving your PON.  Make sure that you offer  the same amount every day. When you are first introducing green beans, just add small amounts, and increase those amounts as time goes on.  Try and find green beans without added salt. I have found that frozen green beans contain less or very little salt in comparison to tins. If possible steam them to get the most vitamins from the green beans.

Offering green beans is a win win situation because green beans provide excellent benefits and help PONS achieve desired weight control. Green beans will help owners create a diet that is healthy and satisfying for their PONS.