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Greening Your PON



Greening your PON or raising your PON "green", is a choice that will result in a healthier PON, an improved environment and consequently a better future for our world.  These days, there are countless eco-friendly dog products on the market and informed PON owners have a wide range of options.

To start you off, click on the following clink and send away for a free sample of  biodegradable fusable dog waste bags:


This is a  flushable doggie bag which PON owners will appreciate:

Become a green pooper-scooper and help save the earth ! The ideal approach is to flush your dog's poop, so it will get the same treatment as human waste. Send away for your free sample today. An alternative option is throwing a biodegradable poop bag in the trash; composting dog poop is controversial, since it has bacteria  which can make one ill if it's spread on veggie gardens, but there are instructions on how to prevent this from taking place. Regardless, always clean up after your PON. People and animals become sick when poop is washed down storm drains.

When fighting fleas, try  the least toxic options. Some owners might consider making their own flee collars. The following will prove to be a great help:


Make Your Own Herbal Flea Collar
Choose an absorbent collar for your PON such as the widely
available heavy-duty woven nylon collars. The collar will absorb
essential oils; no additional collar is needed. Essential oils that
repel fleas and ticks include citronella, rosemary, and rose
geranium. Buy only 100 percent pure essential oils, and using an
eyedropper, put just one or two drops on the collar.

Repeat each week. Some PONS are very sensitive to the strong
smell of essential oils, so start with just one drop and increase to
two if they seem to tolerate the smell. If ticks are the biggest
problem, use rose geranium; for fleas choose citronella.

Pennyroyal shouldn't be used around dog/cats, especially pregnant

Make sure not to get the essential oil in your PON's eyes or
directly on their skin.

Flea Repellent Pillows

Dried peppermint, eucalyptus, bay leaf herbs, marjoram, eucalyptus,
rosemary, sage, clove buds.

Crush your botanicals well and fill a muslin bag or use it in the
cedar chip mixture of your dogs bed. The muslin bags can be placed
near your dogs bedding area.

Tick Spritzer Blend

2 drops of Lavender, Basil, Lemon, Opoponax, Eucalyptus
1 tea spoon apple cider vinegar
1 tea spoon vodka
1 cup of dried marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary
2 cups of water

Flea Spritzer Blend

2 drops of cedar wood, lemongrass, rose geranium
1 tea spoon apple cider vinegar
1 tea spoon vodka
1 cup of dried peppermint, eucalyptus, bay leaf herbs
1- 2 cups of water

Add the essential oils and vodka in a bottle, tighten the lid and
shake well. Once the mixture blended (should turn white), add apple
cider vinegar. If you have some herbs mentioned above you can make
an herbal tea to use in your spritzer.

Boil 2-4 cups of water and remove from heat. Add your dried herbs in
the water and let is simmer for 30 minutes. Once cool, drain and use
instead of plain water in your spritzer. If you are using an herbal
tea, this mixture must be kept in the refrigerator as the herbal
teas have the tendency to go bad faster.

Once you have your spritzer you can use this by gently spraying it
in to your PON's coat, legs, tummy and back. Rub it in well and
apply it as necessary. Do not use any of the essential oils on your
PON's face or around nose, ears and eyes. Respect the sensitive nose
he/she has and go easy when using aromatic substances such as
essential oils.
 Craft your own dog food or buy locally made, organic food.
As much as possible, use organic veggies and antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and dairy. By cutting out the transportation and packaging of commercial food, you'll do the planet an extra favor. If you haven't got time to play chef for your PON, check out holistic pet supply stores for locally made, planet-friendly foods.

 Avoid throwing away medications, flea treatments, shampoos--they can wind up polluting soil and water if you simply toss them in the trash. To figure out how to get rid of them safely, contact your local solid waste agency (call 1-800-CLEAN-UP) to get the number or look in your phone book).

Do you have additional suggestions for greening your PON ? If so, please send them to us !