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PON Safety during the holidays




  The holiday season means parties, family gatherings, lots of food, Christmas tree, decorations and quite often disaster for PONS who may experience allergic reactions to holiday fare. Away from the public eye, many PON owners contact PON Digest privately  and appeal for help in dealing with PON reactions to holidays.

A major source of concern has to do with live Christmas trees which harbor five times the amount of mold after being in a household for two weeks. PONS may react to mold by scratching, developing hot spots, digestive disturbances, running eyes and being irritable. A possible solution lies in utilizing trees of man-made materials or shortening the amount of time that trees are inside your home. Tinsel, ribbons and glass ornaments which have been stored in dusty areas may carry dust mites and mold as well, although owners have cleaned them. Consider purchasing new ornaments if you have a PON who reacts to dust and mold. 

We often hear about folks who react to room sprays and perfumes, but often forget that canines also react to them as well. Avoid being distracted from holiday events by PONS who become intensively itchy after exposure to these snazzy holiday sprays. Also avoid trying out new dog shampoo and other grooming aids which may also trigger unpleasant skin problems.

Some relatives think they are doing your PON a favor by slipping him/her a tidbit with wheat, high fat content, etc. during a family gathering and this may also trigger a powerful allergic reaction which may lead to an unplanned visit to the emergency vet.

Strong winds blow about pollen and mold during cold weather months and your PON may react to a sudden increase in the pollen count just as you are preparing that holiday meal. prepared and keep an antihistamine on hand if you know that your PON has inhalant, contact and food allergies. Consider talking with relatives about the dangers of offering new foods and keep a watchful eye out for those who think they know best in your family.  Make sure your emergency vet's contact information is on hand at all times.  Good communication and co-operation will make this upcoming holiday a happy and healthy occasion for all members of your family.