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Holistic Dental Care for Your PON


Bad breath in dogs is similar to human bad breath and there are countless causes of this condition. Dog breath is much like humans.Digesting garlic, a meaty bone or too much plaque on teeth are major triggers of canine bad breath, much the same way as in humans. In the case of PON bad breath, some individual PONS are predisposed to have bad breath issues which are worse than others. Investigating causes can help in getting rid of bad breath in some cases. Please consult your family vet in all situations.

As owners know, PONS  cannot assume the responsibility of cleaning their own teeth. Cleaning teeth is an essential part of grooming PONS and should be assumed by PON owners as part of regular grooming. There are countless numbers of commercial products that are available in the market that have been launched to address the problem of offensive smell in dog breath such as dog breath fresheners,breath-freshening strips that dissolve in the mouth, mints and toothpastes meant specifically for canines. Owners will also come across dog oral breath sprays for young dogs that have not learned to accept a toothbrush. There are also proven home remedies that may be useful in solving the problem.

  • Bad breath in dogs may also be a simple matter of change in diet. If a change in the brand of dog food has suddenly resulted in bad breath in your PON, consider switching to another type of food.. Hard dog foods are generally better for your PON's teeth and regular dental care.
  • Dog breath can also be improved if you give your PON a hard raw clean bone to chew. Make it a regular feature and give one to him periodically.
  • Treats and bones can NEVER replace a healthy diet. A healthy and natural diet is also necessary for your PON's overall health. A healthy diet is also helpful in avoiding certain metabolic diseases that can lead to bad breath.
  • Puppies are more prone to develop bad breath when they are shedding ‘baby’ teeth. This is a temporary condition and is better addressed by consulting your family veterinarian.
  • Yoghurt mixed with live cultures, raw carrots and other veggies, raw turkey,etc. work wonders as oral care products for some PONS.
  • Avoid giving your PON canned foods and leftovers from your table. Stick to a healthy diet, preferably home cooked, and exercise to keep your dog’s digestive system in order. Offer pumpkin on a regular basis.
  • There are some home remedies that are used in the East for bad breath in humans. Extract of Neem leaves (Azadirachta Indica or Melia Azadirachta) or coriander leaves can be used for canines too. These can be used as toothpaste or added to their water to get rid of bad breath.

The best way deal with bad breath, however, is through proper dental care. Clean your PON's teeth regularly and remove food particles that may get stuck between teeth. Dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis that are mainly caused by lack of dental care are the most common cause of bad breath in canines and proper dental care can help in avoiding any such condition.