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Polish Lowland Sheepdogs - pons - pon the dog




Kennel Afthsban (Finland)






January, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !







I found a PON breeder who lives in my state but she is involved in a dispute. Would you suggest I avoid her ? I would prefer a breeder who lives close to me, but not if they are known to have problems with puppy buyers.

You need to consult your national breed club. Ask them for detailed information on all PON breeders and then make an informed decision. Also.....consider joining PON Politics Yahoo group for updates.



Do PONS get along with other breeds ? I already have two other dogs at home and would like to add a PON but have heard so many conflicting stories that I am unsure.



Generally speaking, PONS get along well with other breeds. You need to set rules and follow through with them. Good luck !




My PON has been doing well on his diet, but I heard about a new dog food that is supposed to be fantastic. What would you suggest ?


Frankly, if your PON is doing well, I would tend to stay with the same diet. Discuss this issue with your vet for a professional opinion.



My PON seems to be picking up extra pounds and I wonder what to do about this. Ideas ?


Weight management will prevent many health problems and you need to take action now and make sure your PON is not overweight. Consult your vet and consider offering 1/4 less food on a daily basis. Wild rice is filling and is low in calories. Why not offer some to your PON ?





PON Facts

Dry hot air may cause your PON to scratch. If possible, do not overheat your house.