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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information







 Does Your PON Need a Job ?


Most dog breeds were originally bred to do a specific job. For example, Australian Shepherds were created to assist sheep ranchers; Rottweilers pulled wagons,etc. PONS belong to the herding group and still have a strong herding instinct. Unfortunately, they are mainly pets, rather than working dogs, but their genetics serve to trigger alternative herding behaviors which often get them into trouble. Wise owners provide daily activities on a regular basis and consequently, problem behaviors decrease significantly.

Asking your PON to help around the house doesn't necessarily make life easier for you. After all, it may only take a few minutes to pick up  towels on the bathroom floor and put them in the hamper. Probably it will take twice as long to get your PON to pick up one, carry it to the hamper, then go back for more again. However, sharing chores is always cool, and by teaching your PON to do it with you, you have the satisfaction of successful training, and of watching your PON take pleasure in doing something for you. Plus, you can always post on Facebook the fact that your PON picks up after family members.

When deciding on the various types of jobs which would be suitable for your PON, consider his strengths and abilities. If your PON had a difficult time learning to retrieve, don't focus on chores needing a good retrieve. If your PON has a wonderful nose (most PONS do) and likes to use it, teach him to find items you commonly lose. You will be astonished at results !

Questions to help your PON take on a job:

  • Does your PON enjoy retrieving? He could find and bring back to you items you dropped, and could bring items to you that you want, such as your house shoes, newspaper,etc.
  • Does he use his scenting abilities ? Teach him to find household items and people by name, and to take those items to family members.
  • Does he learn easily? PONS can be taught more complicated tasks, including turning lights on and off, fetching toys, books,etc.
Be careful what you teach your PON. If he's too food motivated, don't teach him to open the refrigerator. He may have a gala feast and become ill from overeating.
  • Does he like to be near you? PONS should work with you instead of at a distance. Dogs who like to be close would be un-comfortable being sent away to do something.

By focusing on his strengths, you can make training much easier

Look around your house and yard, consider your daily routine, and decide where you could best incorporate your PON's efforts. Naturally, think about your training skills. Training your PON to help could challenge your present skills to train your PON, and that's wonderful ! You can both learn a lot as you establish mutual co-operation as part of your daily household routine. Please keep us updated !