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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog





Olga - Cedarina Kennel, Sweden




PON Horoscopes for July

 Which Astrological Sign belongs to your PON ?

Capricorn PON (Born between December 22nd - January 19th)   Quiet up front, but many intrigues are brewing behind the scenes. It's better to focus on wellness issues. When grandchildren come for a holiday visit, make sure all candy and chocolates are kept up high. Don't allow them to offer extra snacks to your pons. Messy clean-ups are unpleasant and potentially dangerous.


 Aquarius PON (Born between January 20th - February 18th) Zany PON -  Pons love to munch on everything so make sure holiday visitors keep personal items packed and away from your furry gang. When flying with pons, non-stop flights can be quicker and less traumatic. Avoid accidental breedings when visiting fellow pon owners, eh ? :>)


 Pisces PON (Born between February 19th - March 20th) Clipping your pon in hot weather months ? Keep some fur over his eyes. Pon eyes tend to be sensitive to light. Pons need more grooming during the summer. Avoid gossip and don't become involved in breed intrigues. Those "friendly" calls are not as innocent as they appear. Night flights are cooler if you need to fly pon puppies to new owners.


Aries PON (Born between March 21st - April 19th) Feisty PON - Increased skin problems this year. Don't wait and visit your vet sooner than later. Avoid snake oil remedies. Auntie doesn't have all the answers. Think for yourself and remember that it is sometimes necessary to use antibiotics. If your pon starts bumping into walls, have his eyes examined. Herbs won't help in this type of situation. Don't make some people wealthy by caving in to their aggression.



 Taurus Dog (Born between April 20th - May 20th) Take it easy PON - Has your pon's temperament suddenly changed ? Consider thyroid testing without delay. Changes in potty habits also need investigating by a professional, rather than a "know it all". Research adverse effects of all medications on the net instead of on the phone with breed "experts".


Gemini PON (Born between May 21st - June 20th) Gregarious PON - Your pon's coat color will continue to fade with time because of a fading gene common in our breed. Few pons stay their original color. You may find your pon's undercoat is difficult to keep free of mats and may need to apply oil to it. Use a pin brush rather than a sticker brush which will remove undercoat and leave your pon looking more like a beardie.



Cancer PON (Born between June 21st - 21st July) Family PON - Keeping your pon at an ideal weight is not an easy task, but if you limit treats and are careful about portion size, you will succeed. Wild rice is very filling and low in calories if it is necessary to reduce portions on a weight management diet. That mouth piece who insists on only one approach to diet has some surprises coming up. Folks no longer listen to those rantings about diet.



 Leo PON (Born between July 22nd - August 22nd) Proud PON  - Have you been discouraged from showing your pon ?? Consider possible motives for "that advice" some some fellow owners. The conspiracy to prevent newcomers from becoming too successful is becoming more evident every day. In your case, it might be better to keep to yourself and avoid confrontations.


Virgo PON (Born between August 23rd - September 23rd) Working PON - Consider mentoring newcomers to the breed. Remember that what goes around, comes around in life. You will make new friends who are loyal to you. Think for your self rather than following the party line. A scare will take place in the next few weeks, but all is well. Have courage.




Libra PON (Born between September 24th - October 22nd) Avoid a diet change just because a new product has come onto the market. If your pon is doing well, keep to your present food. Someone is chatting you up to gain certain info. Remember the old saying of not putting your head in the lion's mouth. Stay away from gossip. Think for yourself and do your own research.



Scorpio PON (Born between October 23rd - November 21st)  Make sure that your pons stay indoors during the summer heat. This is a good opportunity to have them lose some weight by reducing their food by 20 percent. Green beans have lots of vitamins and are perfect for either snacks or as part of their daily diet.  Pumpkin will help regulate blood levels and is good for canine digestive systems. You don't need those herbs which are being hawked by the "expert".



Sagittarius PON (Born between November 22nd - December 21st) Adventurous PON - If your pon goes swimming, make sure to thoroughly dry those paws and put organic apple cider vinegar into his ears (also may be applied to paws) to prevent yeast infections. Make sure that you look under all that fur and inspect eyes every day.  What's under your couch ? You may be in for a big surprise ! Keep track of the activities of all visitors. Don't allow them to offer food which may not agree with your pons.