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July, 2013



Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





My PON's ears keep getting "gunky" and I am paying a fortune to the vet for meds,etc. Do you have advice ?

A radical change in your PON's diet may be necessary. Also try antihistamines when you notice a high pollen count..



My PON tends to become extremely nervous during thunder storms. What would you advise ?

 Consider a "thunder shirt" for storms and separation anxiety. Good luck !



I would love doing agility with my PON but am afraid of 100 degree temps over here.



Why not wait out hot weather months and do agility during the fall and winter ? PON is losing his fur. What can be causing this ?


Your PON may have a yeast condition, but you need to consult your vet for his opinion.





PON Advice

Pumpkin may not be available for PON digestive issues and you may need to consider alternative high fiber foods such as squash, carrots, etc. A change in diet may be necessary if digestive issues take place on a regular basis.