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June, 2014



Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





My friends keep telling me to cut down my PON's coat during hot weather months. What is your opinion ??

Make sure that your PON's coat is mat free, but don't cut it down, because the coats acts as insulation during hot weather months..



I am afraid to give antihistamines because of a recent re-call, what else would you advise ?

 Under the supervision of your holistic vet, try offering spirulina which controls inhalant allergies.



My PON has an excellent nose. Are there activities which she can become involved with on a local basis ?



Why not "google" local tracking groups and join a local one during fall months. Read up on tracking activities for dogs..



Can PONS swim ?


Most PONS have swim skills, but you need to rinse them off and care for their coats after swimming activities.





PON Advice

Seeking a new PON puppy ? Have you checked the health records of the puppy's parents  as well as the health records of the individuals listed on the puppy's pedigree.

.Avoid politics and do your own independent research.