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Polish Lowland Sheepdogs - pons - pon the dog








Le Clan MIKERO, France





Keep your PONS busy and prevent destructive behavior



PONS have the genetic potential to pursue herding activities, but in most cases, sheep are not available. Alternative tasks will help prevent boredom which may lead to destructive behavior and the consequences which result from such behavior patterns. Your PON will love these home-made tasks which are inexpensive and offer creative alternatives.

We all know that PONS love food and so why not create activities around their passion ? Instead of throwing out old toilet rolls or cereal boxes, save them for your PON ! Insert food in these old toilet rolls and cereal boxes and fold the ends shut. Your PON will have great fun figuring out how to get the food out of them !  He will either end up destroying the box or tube or making a hole and shaking the food out !

Have you ever met a PON who disliked peanut butter ? Of course not ! Buy peanut butter in plastic jars and then when you have consumed this favorite snack food, your PONS will have many hours of fun, cleaning out the last smears of the jar. Old plastic soft drink bottles may also be used as a food dispensing toy by putting kibble inside and leaving the lid off. Your PON will spend hours shaking and batting the bottle with his mouth to get out the kibble.

If you have good nerves and don't mind noise, you can fill those empty plastic soft drink bottle with rice. This type of activity may require owner supervision to make sure that PONS don't end up destroying plastic bottles.

PON puppies (and some adult PONS) will love shredding old catalogues, phone books and even junk mail.  You will need to make it clear that you are the one who decides what is correct to shred and whatnot to shred.  If you catch an ambitious PON shredding books and other valuable papers, you may need to clap your hands and direct him to old catalogues you have given him previously.

Work gloves make awesome toys ! Use the heavy duty ones which are pretty tough and will last a while. Take two of them, stuff them and sew them together. You can pick them up at Home Depot, Home Hardware, etc.

If your PON loves to play with balls, you're probably well aware of how much the various bowl pet toys costs. The tennis balls with rope attached to make it easy to throw or play tug-of-war can easily run $10 or more. However, fortunately is quite easy to make your own tag and toss ball for your PON. You will need a tennis ball, as well as a length of rope between eight and 10 feet in length. Using a drill with a larger size drill bits you will want to drill a hole in the ball and then drill the second hole on the opposite side from the first. Then carefully feed the rope through the two holes and tie a secure knot as close to the ball as possible. Then, tie a knot near the ends of the two pieces of rope, to create a loop at the end of the rope you will hold onto. You are done! If your PON plays particularly rough, the tennis ball might wear out. Simply untie the knots, drill new holes into a tennis ball and retie the rope.

PON lovers are encouraged to send in their own tips for alternative tasks when herding activities are not available. My grandson loves playing hide and seek with my own gang and this keeps them busy for hours. Individual life styles lend themselves to new ideas and we welcome your ideas. Have fun with your PONS and keep them busy !