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Benefits of Kelp for PONS

According to online research, kelp supplies a natural source of minerals to a canine's body and minerals are essential in every aspect of canine health. Researchers in the field have found that supplementing a canine's diet with kelp can result in vital health benefits:


  • Balancing Glandular Activities


    The rich iodine content and high levels of other nutrient minerals and vitamins in kelp make it an important herb for regulating and balancing glandular systems. Specifically, dogs suffering from hypothyroidism can benefit from the iodine in kelp. One of the functions of iodine is the stimulation of the thyroid gland. A significant number of PONS suffer from hypothyroidism and would benefit from kelp in their diets. Please consult your family veterinarian for additional information.


  • Healthy Skin and Coat


    PONS with skin irritation issues as a result of allergies will also benefit from kelp. In a scientific study, dogs who had been fed kelp daily for a period of six months had darker, thicker, and shinier coats. They tended to scratch less often and their skin was not as dry.


    The protein in kelp is highly bio-available, which allows dogs to efficiently assimilate its amino acids so they can speedily and effectively assist in tissue repair. Both PON show dogs and pets will benefit from kelp. Consult your family vet for additional advice. 


  • Flea Control


    In the same study, it was found that kelp for dogs could help flea management. Dogs were found to be less attractive to fleas and flies after three weeks of supplementation.


  • Weight Control


    Dogs can have better maintenance of body weight thanks also to the iodine in the kelp. Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland that controls the dog's metabolism. With better metabolism, PONS with weight problems can reduce their cholesterol levels and lose weight.


  • Better General Health


    With better metabolism as a result of improved glandular activities, PONS who are given kelp supplements will enjoy better general health. This may be particularly important for older PONS whose metabolism may be poor and glandular and immune functions may be compromised.


Not all seaweeds are alike and owners should avoid offering kelp harvested along U.S. shorelines because such seaweeds might be contaminated by industrial pollution. Norwegian kelp is considered to be of the highest quality due to the environment in which the kelp grows. The Norwegian coast is where fresh arctic ocean water meets mineral-rich glacial freshwater run-off, which combine to create the optimal conditions for kelp to thrive.


Kelp is generally safe for canines if offered in the appropriate amount. The easiest way to supplement kelp is to get a natural kelp product in powdered form and follow the feeding and dosage instructions on the product label. Please keep us updated on the benefits of kelp and your PONS.