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Lavender for PONS
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Benefits of Lavender for PONS


Lavender has physical and positive emotional benefits that include soothing the canine mind as it helps to calm irritated skin. It may also be used for flea control instead of harsh chemicals which carry a risk of adverse effects.

Lavender essential oil doesn’t kill fleas, however it is soothing to a dog’s skin. After washing add a few drops to the rinsing water and towel dry to keep the oil on your PON's skin. The oil can also be added to the shampoo bottle for later grooming. Owners can also add a few drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle of water. When brushing your PON, the lavender oil spray will dampen the coat and moisturize his dry skin. Since fleas can set off allergies, using a flea comb and checking regularly helps prevent fleas. Young Living essential oils are quality controlled in contrast to other brands. Owners may contact pondigest@aol.com for further details.

Prevention is the best medicine, especially with pesky fleas, and treating the house before flea season begins is helpful. Putting a few drops of lavender oil into a rug shampoo or a quick vacuuming will help keep fleas away from carpets and areas where your PON relaxes.
Owners can make a spray of baking soda & few drops of lavender Shake well and spray on your PON's bed and surrounding areas in the house
A light spray on pet bedding and furniture will also work. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to a dish of water placed under a night light near your PON’s sleeping area will cause fleas to jump in and drown. People living in warm regions need to watch for fleas year-round.

•Take precautions when using lavender oil on your PON. Since lavender essential oil is used medicinally, you should consult your veterinarian if your PON is pregnant or on medication or if your PON has other compromising health issues. Always keep lavender oil away from the eyes.

Other uses for PONS and their people:

For joint inflammation, stiffness, or pain, 10 drops of lavender oil can be added to 1 ounce of carrier oil (apricot kernel, sweet almond or extra virgin olive oil). This mixture then can be liberally massaged into the affected area to bring relief. Two to three drops added to a carrier oil and massaged into the temples or neck may alleviate a headache or migraine. It is best used at the first sign of the headache. The same mixture may also help relieve minor burns, scalds and sunburn. For insect bites and stings, apply Lavender oil directly to the effected area. If you are sensitive, you may wish to dilute the oil by putting 10 drops of oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil. Apply 1 or 2 drops Lavender oil and Tea tree oil directly to cuts, scrapes, or scratches to aid in promoting healing.

Natural Disinfectant Spray:

Combine the following in a spray bottle, shake and spray.

2 cups water

1/4 cup vinegar

1/4 tsp. Young Essential Tea Tree oil

1/4 tsp. Young Essential Lavender oil

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