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The Story of Leo, the rescued PON, Illinois, USA

written by Anne Weiss, Memphis, TN, USA



Before being shaved photo




After being shaved photo




This is the story of a rescued PON that was discovered in the Chicago Shelter and taken out by Bearded Collie Rescue to save it's life.  He was named Leo since he was picked up as a stray ... had no ID, microchip, his collar had no information.  he was a very lost PON until he ended up safe, so we thought, with Beardie rescue. Pam Siehr, as Rescue chair for APONC was contacted and  this wonderful rescue fell apart.  Because of Pam's attitude with the Chicago Shelter, they have stated that they will no longer work with PON rescue because of the discrepancies with what happened next.  The shelter was told by Magda Hirata (a Chicago APONC member) that Leo was going to a family in Alabama. Beardie Collie rescue was also told that Leo was going to a family in Alabama when is reality the dog was flown, we think to somewhere in Wisconsin.  The name of the family in Alabama was given to BCCA rescue but when they were contacted they had never asked for a rescue, didn't want a rescue and knew nothing about Leo.  Obviously they were never contacted by Pam Siehr or Magda Hirata.  To add to the discrepancies, Pam announced that Leo's breeder had been found, and refused to take him back and  thank goodness they weren't a member of APONC. How was Leo's breeder found?...this was a stray picked up by the Chicago shelter with no ID. Bearded Collie rescue has stated they will no longer work with PON rescue.  How sad for the breed that because of lies by committee members of APONC that PONs will suffer.
Another group of rescue PONs has surfaced and it has been told that APONC is charging a "rescue fee" over and above their direct expenses. Where is that money going and why ? Where is the leadership in APONC?  What did happen to Leo?  Only Pam Siehr and Magda Hirata can answer that question and for some unknown reason, they can't get out from under the twisted story they have told and tell the International PON community what happened to LEO.