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The Hunters at Swancrest Pons



Mousing as a PON Sport !



I can understand that sheepdogs will have a certain affinity for sheep, but my crew prefer to hunt mice in the nearby fields.  They are great at this sport and bring home many trophies.  The trophies are large size specimen that would keep a good size cat happy. 


I am amazed at their zeal and their concentration in the fields. 

No mouser could be better.  They dig, and sit and watch for hours for the prey to come out, then they pounce and break necks with great speed. 

They are the best.  They bring their trophies home and leave them on the rug or near my bed.  I now look under the pillows before getting into bed each night.  I hate the surprises. They can be found anywhere.  My garage is a favorite storage place.  I love my dogs, but heck, they are too much like cats.


We have horses across the street—why not hunt them.  There are deer that come to visit, but get ignored for the most part.  They half heartedly look at the leaping animals and go back to their hunting.  Hunting is a passion for them.  They hunt at dawn and at dusk.  They hunt in the heat of the day.  They will hunt anytime that the mood hits. They love to hunt. 

I feed a good kibble and give them fresh meat at all meals.  They get raw vegetables and good quality biscuits daily. 

Nothing is missing in their diet.  Must be in their genetic  make up.


PON hunters of the world unite.  Let all know that hunting is honorable and worthy of the breed.  With a PON in the house, a cat is not needed.  In a PON household anything that is dark, and floppy, with a long tail just might be a mouse.  Field mice better move off this land.  The PONs are in control of this part of Libertyville . 



Every PON is different, but mine take the prize for individuality.



Swancrest PONS