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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog





Kennel Ambergini's, Sweden





March, 2010



Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





My PON's coat is far from being thick and he is always chewing on his paws. What should I do about this ?

You should consult your vet for Thyroid and allergy tests. There could also be other contributing factors as well.



My PON's skin is a mess (allergies) and I need a shampoo to calm it down. Do you have any suggestions ?


Try Malaseb products which are ideal for generalized or multifocal therapy of dermatitis in dogs, cats and horses





What is an ideal weight for adult male PONS ?


You need to consult your national breed club. Male PON owners suggest an ideal weight of 42 - 46 lbs, depending on the PON's life style, bone structure, age and general health.



I plan on adding a PON puppy to my household in a few months. Which advice can you suggest ?


You need to treat each PON equally and allow them to determine "pecking order" on their own. Good luck !





PON Advice

Frequent digestive upsets may indicate an underlying health issue. Ask your vet for specialized tests (IBD,etc.) and consider a radical change of diet.