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Polish Lowland Sheepdog -




White Star PONS (CH Winston) owned by Dr.Richard & Debra Roth), Georgia


March, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



My PON often vomits when it is windy outside.

Why does this happen ?

Please consult your vet for all PON health issues. Strong winds blow pollen from trees and grass which may result in a reaction from your PON if he/she is allergic to certain pollen.




My PON stands in front of me while I watch TV and begs for snacks. What should I do ?


If you give in to begging, expect it to continue for years to come. You aren't doing your PON a favor by contributing to extra weight gain.




My PON used to have very black markings, but they have grayed out. Is this normal ?


Many PONS have a "fading color gene" and yes, this is very normal.


Why don't we hear more about Rescue operations ?


Speak with your national club's officers and discuss this issue with them. You may be in for some surprises.





PON Facts


Consider acupuncture as an alternative remedy for canine allergies. Avoid overfeeding your PON to  help prevent health issues such as heart, diabetes,