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Premier Pons - Darling Lucy




PON Horoscopes for March

 Which Astrological Sign belongs to your PON ?

Capricorn PON (Born between December 22nd - January 19th) Move up your vet's appointment which will reveal some new developments in your PON'S health condition. You need to keep up with latest advancements in canine health care. Join more Yahoo lists and ask more questions. No one will blame you for being a concerned PON lover.


 Aquarius PON (Born between January 20th - February 18th) Zany PON - That long lost ball will turn up in a really odd place at home. Make sure that you check all your PON'S toys because some of them have been chewed on and need to be replaced. A new PON owner needs your advice with feeding problems. Why not volunteer your help ?


 Pisces PON (Born between February 19th - March 20th) You will soon hear back about that committee you've been trying to get on and participating will help the well being of the breed. Those gunky ears are a sign of an allergy issue and may require yet another change of diet. Are you looking up daily pollen counts ? They may also contribute to this problem. Try raw, organic apple cider vinegar for yeast problems.


Aries PON (Born between March 21st - April 19th) Feisty PON - Be careful when considering that offer to breed with a newcomer to the breed. Don't take anything for granted and check all claims of health testing. Have you recently cleared out all items which your PON can get hold of in your bed room. One item which has gone missing will be found all chewed up. Senior PONS need to visit the vet more often for health testing.



 Taurus Dog (Born between April 20th - May 20th) Take it easy PON - Your Taurus PON  is known for it's good temperament, but lately, has been reacting to a neighbor's dog. You may need to re-do socialization training. That hot spot seems to be spreading and you may need to check and see if there are new inhalant allergies which may be causing problems. Spring is around the corner and new types of weeds are coming up.


Gemini PON (Born between May 21st - June 20th) Gregarious PON - Your PON isn't satisfied with just lying around the house and needs more stimulation. Why not get that tunnel which can be purchased at Target and similar shops and start longer play sessions. Those extra pounds need to be lost before they start causing your PON joint issues. Compare notes with other owners on low calorie diets.



Cancer PON (Born between June 21st - 21st July) Family PON - Your PON may be suffering from separation anxiety due to a family member starting another life style and relocating. Encourage new play activities and think of adding another PON to your household. Consult PON Digest's breeder list for new litters. Agility may provide the right stimulation for your PON.



 Leo PON (Born between July 22nd - August 22nd) Proud PON  - Avoid the gossip going around the breed and just do your own thing. Your PON relates well to both people and other dogs and participating in canine sports may be just the thing for him/her. You may need to trim that heavy coat in order to make life more pleasant for your PON.


Virgo PON (Born between August 23rd - September 23rd) Working PON - Raw, organic apple cider vinegar will help with your PON'S digestive system as well as with his/her joints. You may even like to try using it yourself. That dog food may be somewhat too high in fat and you may need to consider other options. How often do you weigh your PON ? Remember to pick up that heart worm medication in a few weeks.




Libra PON (Born between September 24th - October 22nd) Your PON may love playing with you and your family, but when it comes to strangers, that is another matter. Avoid pushing him into relationships, which makes him nervous. Showing looks attractive but carries it's share of problems. Consult with those who have been in the ring for many years.


Scorpio PON (Born between October 23rd - November 21st)  Good PON health is a result of several factors and a certain amount of common sense. If you notice a reaction to a certain food, don't insist on it and change diet. Avoid online advice from those who have their own agenda. When was the last time that you did your own research.  What works for one PON may not work well for another PON. How active is your PON ? Investigate radical changes in behavior.



Sagittarius PON (Born between November 22nd - December 21st) Adventurous PON - Your Sagittarius PON  loves adventure and many times, this leads to trouble. Make sure that you supervise your PON while he/she is outside. Don't take anything for granted. Some one may decide to throw some food over the fence. Be careful. Holidays are around the corner and certain types of plants are poisonous for dogs. Make sure you know what is in your garden and house.