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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons -pon the dog









Mama's Handsome Boy (Ch White Star's Bentley Z Bluegrass), Florida




May, 2010



Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





My PON reacts to pain medications. Do you know of good alternatives ?

Consult your holistic vet and consider either Traumeel or Zeel..



I do a raw diet with my PON, but sometimes offer kibble. My friends say I am ruining his diet. Is this true ?


What does your friend mean by the term, "ruin" ? If you offer kibble, you are adding a lot of unknowns such as food preservatives,etc.



 I have found that baby food squash is a good addition to my PON's diet now that pumpkin is hard to find. My husband laughs at me. What do you think ?



As long as the baby food squash helps your PON, that is all that matters. Ask your husband to start cooking squash if he doesn't like opening jars of food..



My PON scratched herself silly during this high pollen season. Do you know of alternative allergy remedies ?


Consult your holistic vet and consider adding Spirulina to your PON's diet.





PON Advice

Consult a list of poisonous plants before adding exotic vegetation to your garden and save your PON's life.