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Pon Musenburg



May, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





How often do I need to apply "natural flea" remedies ?

Natural flea remedies need to be applied as often as every two hours if your PON is outside. An indoor PON needs to have natural remedies every four hours.



My PON loves bananas. Is this unusual ?



Most PONS love fruits and veggies and this is a very typical food preference. Bananas have a calming effect on behavior.





My PON's ears are "gunkier" (more dirty) than usual this year. Why is this ?


Higher pollen counts may be contributing to this condition. Consult your vet for a professional treatment and consider using organic apple cider vinegar to help clean ears.



How much research is being done on PON health issues on a world wide basis ?


You need to consult your national breed club for an accurate response to this question. Good luck !





PON Facts

If your PON reacts to loud noises, read this month's article on thunderstorms/fireworks. Consult your vet for rescue and other natural remedies.