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These adorable, hardworking PONS are Swancrest Pons


        Itís the MUD Season



                 In the spring and in the fall, a pup's thoughts turn to mud, and more mud.  They love it and wallow in it for hours at a time.  A bath is what is coming their way after their mud fun, but no thought of that now.  Now is the time for mud play. 


Holes are fun to dig and the soil is soft from all the fall rain.  The mud goes through every hair and gets into ears, mouths and paws of every dog.  It is bath time and I am getting old.  What I need is some cement with heating coils imbedded in it so that it would dry after being hosed off.  


                  Love those pups, but hate the dirt that they bring into the house, and onto my bed.  I have a good washer and dryer, and lots of clear water, but using it takes time and it would be great to let the dogs have fun without me cleaning up after them every day.


I have five fenced acres.  The fence is five feet tall with chicken wire between the vertical boards.  I have electrical wire at the bottom that is very low wattage.  My son installed it and he takes care of it when needed.  I am not near any heavy traffic roads so that I am quite relaxed when they are out.  The house is what needs protection from the fur kids.


                  My day begins with a wake up call at around five to let the pups out that are in their play pen for the night.  Every one goes out for a potty break and some early morning fun.  I go back to bed for a while then breakfast is served at six.  I eat, and wash the dog dishes.  I have many, but I like a clean stack just in case.  I clean the area of the house that really needs it and then mop up what dose not get pulled up by the vacuum.

 Now I can walk on the floors. 


                  Every day I go out for a few hours, just me and a few dogs.  The library is a good spot to spend a few minutes and maybe the car wash.  In the fall I do not wash the car in the driveway because it would create more mud.  Most Saturdays there is a dog show that I go to.  Cindy C., a great friend, comes over and she will drive to see the dogs.  Some are mine, but lots are not.  Some days we go to shows and we do not know anyone there.  Shows are plentiful in this area and great fun.  The price of gas is coming down and almost affordable.  Fall means mud and shows, and lots of puppy baths. 


                  I have a dog hair dryer and dog tub, but I still need to expand energy to keep the dogs clean, or rather not muddy.  They are super PONs.  They love to live just as they want, and they let me believe that I am needed and loved.    The way I see things they make me want to try, and that is what I do each day.  I try to keep their faith in me and maybe the house clean enough to be able to walk on the floors.




Swancrest PONS