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Polish Lowland Sheepdogs - pons - pon the dog







Ponavie PONs after the 3rd annual world championship in mud wrestling !




Mud Wrestling CH


So the official pictures from the 3rd annual world championship in mud wrestling have been published.


The participants were: PON: Gardenia Z Gangu Dlugich aka “Lua”, PON: Ponavie’s Banska Bystrica aka “Gria”, Shih Tzu: Harley Handsome Freed aka “Harley”, Havanese: Heavenly Angel Delagardelle aka “Angel”, and Labardoodle: Unity Basta aka “Unity”


And the winner is……. without a doubt……. Ponavie’s Banska Bystrica “Gria” the PON….please applause for the Champion!!!!!! Gria is a rookie in this sport and she managed to beat the old timer, Lua the PON, her mother. An apple does not fall far from the tree…..she, by all means, managed to get muddy from head to toe!!! There has been a question raised by the opponents, she did lay in a mud paddle, which in this sport, would be considered an immediate disqualification, However there’s an exception to the rule, if she did not fully relax in the puddle, the points count, and she can continue to compete. The judges are reviewing the photographs from the event, but it looks like the results will stay the way they are…..Congratulations Gria!!!!!...........Lua even wore a pretty pink bow, to sway the judges (not that you can see it from the pictures), it did not work, Gria takes the win!!!!


The girls send muddy Love and Happy New Year!