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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information




Introducing a new PON into your home


Please understand that your new PON puppy is a potential lifelong partner, and like everything worthwhile, establishing a solid foundation will enrich your lives for years to come. Most important, take it slow



A puppy craves consistency and security.  Remove these elements, and he naturally is not going to behave in a positive manner.  Even if your new puppy acts as though everything is fine, he is basically insure.You may wish to immediately show off your new PON puppy to your friends and family. In addition, you may want to take him to the park, to classes, or on outings. Further, you will want to let your children and/or other PONS play with him. Please wait.  All these things require your puppy to cope with more than he is capable of at this early stage. It is not fair to expect a new puppy to be able to do this.


Allow your new PON to have some down time and acclimate to his new environment at his own pace.  As he gets used to  his new environment, and his body acclimates to a new nutritional level, he will be able to think more clearly, and be ready for all that he needs to learn in his new home. Give him time to learn the daily routines of your home. These new things include: getting to know your children and other dogs in your household, tricks you may want to teach him,  where heís not allowed, what not to chew, who not to bite, etc.  Allow the new PON a few  weeks to just get used to his new environment, and the way you communicate. Extend him the courtesy of not forcing him make any decisions by himself.  He doesnít have the knowledge at this point to make decisions, because everything is new to him and he probably misses his mom and littermates and may also be learning English as a second language.


How do you approach your new PON puppy ?  Say his name lovingly and pet him when he asks for it.  This will get him used to the way you say his name, and associate it with only good stuff. The idea of this is to avoid new stress on the puppy. Every learning situation introduces a certain amount of stress to the pup as he tries to figure out what is expected of him 



You can get to know your PON puppy by gentle petting, talking softly, and saying "good boy", and his name, several times a day. Donít use a harsh tone if you can help it.  Save your loud voice for when it is absolutely necessary.


Gradually phase in gentle grooming. Take it slow and easy, and gradually your PON puppy will learn to trust you. You can increase the pressure of your touches until you can thump his shoulders gently, roll him over, open his mouth, play with his feet, etc. 


When you do start to teach your PON puppy new things, start with the basics. has excellent videos' on dog training. You can start with "sit", because it will help him  understand how you communicate with him, and make it easier for him to learn everything else you will teach him.  A solid "sit" is helpful in any situation, from helping the dog to regroup when heís confused over other things, to also helping to stop unwanted behavior such as jumping up or running away. Use small puppy steps to accomplish this.


Rremember that dogs are different from humans.  Itís not fair to expect them to always understand our wishes and behavior. Use baby gates in your home and avoid unsupervised interaction between your new PON puppy and children and other dogs/cats in your household. Take it slow and safe. Good luck !