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"Mandy got the monster !" Paul & Joanne Prizmonte, Orlando, Florida




PON Owners: Your New Year's Resolutions

The start of 2008 is the time PON owners tend to reflect upon the past year and resolve to make positive changes in PON care for the coming year. In most cases, this includes a general concern for our beloved breed at large and becoming motivated to improve the quality of life for all PONS.  PON owners are encouraged to volunteer for committee positions, and become more active in national clubs.

What can PON owners do for their family PONS ?

*  Make sure your PON is wearing some form of identification tag in the event of a disaster (fire, flood, tornado, etc.) This may include microchip identification.

*  Consider additional socialization and behavior classes and possibly good canine citizenship certificates

*  Mentor newcomers to PONS

*  Follow county and state laws and get your PON license renewed

*  Do independent research and continue to update your knowledge of health and nutrition. Avoid breed politics and gossip

*  Maintain good weight management for your PON. You aren't doing your PON a favor by overfeeding him/her

* Visit your vet for good health issues. Senior PONS need to visit the vet more often

* Keep a recent photograph available in case your PON is lost

Update vaccinations to prevent diseases and comply with state laws

*  Keep up a weekly grooming schedule

*  Keep your standard of ethics unblemished by politics


These New Year's resolutions may seem ordinary for most PON owners, but nevertheless, they need to be stated in order to remind everyone of good PON care.